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The test!

Left = I totally disagree – Right = I totally agree

1.) We are able to discuss and think openly within our team. We express what we think and feel in a straight-forward way.

2.) Our meetings are active. They are not monologues and people’s focus doesn’t switch over to their own computers, phones or daydreams.

3.) P We are able to move from sharing information to coming to conclusions and making decisions in meetings. We do not take shortcuts or get stuck in this process.

4.) When we are having a discussion everyone in the team contributes and works towards a shared goal.

5.) As a team we first focus on the task and it’s challenges, rather than let our internal excuses or disruptions within the group disturb our focus.

6.) We are able to give feedback to each other on the spot. We give feedback actively – giving praise and constructive feedback.

7.) We know what our goals are, both on a personal and a team level.

8.) We measure our success with clear metrics. We also follow our metrics and we analyse the numbers actively.

9.)We measure ”soft” actions that promote development, and we reflect on these results together.

10.) Measurements and rewarding is done in a team level, not just individually.

11.) Customer relationships are human relationships for us. Meaning we are constantly in a learning relationship. We manage and lead these learning relationships.

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