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Play4Ever® – The new ecosystem of sports. Entrepreneurial sports ecosystems are a sustainable environment for athletes and business partners to develop and grow together.

Solutions to the challenges of the club

The club as a platform for new business opportunities and personal growth. More value for your Sponsors and Business Partners. Adding to the entertainment and marketing Sport clubs offer for Sponsors, we have created Play4Business concepts where your Business network can learn and develop their businesses together. Your tribe naturally creating deeper relations among them selves.

Play4ever - A New Normal to your Sport Academy

Supplement your Sport Club/Academy concept by an innovative and academically proven approach. Play4ever concept offers you the needed skills to coach players of next generation. This coach process creates a New Normal to your Sport Academy.

Generation Z, growth mindset, self –determined learners and Human systems. Our coaching concept will offer a practical journey where your experience how to coach these. You learn the tools and methods with peers.

Support the athlete's individual path

Athletes in sport teams developing entrepreneurial skills through their own projects that generate value and money for themselves, their club and local partners, whilst continuing to pursue their goal of becoming professional athletes.

For example – Athletes +16 can get a degree of Further Qualification of Physical Education given by the Finnish Ministry of Education & Vierumäki Finnish Sport Institute. All this happens locally where ever you are from.

Play4Ever® – Solutions in sports

Mimmutti produces Play4Ever® ecosystems for sports clubs and sports academies where our innovative concept prepares and enables athletes for their life after sports during their career. As well as this our service also strengthens clubs by creating value for their network of partners.

You can sit on the backseat of a bus with your team but not in your life, you need to be the driver. The innovative Play4Career™ path is a way for athletes to learn the skills to become the driver. The mind-set of an athlete is similar to that of an entrepreneur. Play4Career™ combines entrepreneurial studies and real life projects and incomes for young athletes. Everything happens locally and you rule your timetable.

The Play4Business™ path gives new value for the club’s business partners, in the form of a platform for them to develop their businesses and create new relationships within the club’s network.

Our Partners

  • Finnish Ice Hockey association
  • 12 Mestis Ice Hockey clubs
  • JYP Jyväskylä Ice Hockey club
  • Happee Floorball club
  • Vierumäki Finnish Sports Institute

Our Supporters

  • Finnish Ministry of Education
  • Pellervo Society (member of the International Co-operative Alliance)
  • Vierumäki Finnish Sports Institute
  • Finnish Ice Hockey association

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