Creating learning through Team Entrepreneurship

Building new environments to learn entrepreneurship will be crucial in the future because, for example, in Finland by 2030 it is predicted that 60% of the working population will be self-employed (- Ilkka Halava, futurologist). Entrepreneurship can be learnt many places and we can be your partners in the creation of environments and programmes that will support this.

Supporting entrepreneurship is becoming more important

Europe is facing challenges with unemployment amongst graduates. Degrees no longer guarantee employment and increasingly often, the best way for young people to access work life is through self-employment. Schools and universities need to create environments for students to practice and learn entrepreneurial skills while they study. This can no longer be through simulations but must be done with real projects, real risks and real money.

Mikael Hirvi, the founder of Mimmutti, knows this well as he is an alumnus of Team Academy Jyväskylä. In Team Academy you learn entrepreneurship with a Team Company. We call this way of learning Team Entrepreneurship. For the last 12 years, we have applied the Team Entrepreneurship philosophy into educational institutions around the world. Our role has been to support the design and creation of the curriculums that bring this philosophy into action whilst also coaching the staff to become Team Entrepreneurship Coaches. If you are interested, check out the video below which shows our work with Akatemia CIC UK.


Entrepreneurship can be supported and learnt in different environments, for example in sports which our Play4Ever® service proves.

Team-entrepreneurship educational institutions

  • The change processes and team entrepreneurship programs for practical implementation
  • Team Coach Program´s for directors and staff to learn the ethos, methods and tools

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