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The goal of our team coaching is to help you to develop your business. Our 3 step process will help you to develop and renew a high performing team culture. Your team will feel the effects of the changes immediately and your customers will notice the difference.

The performance of organisations is based on the effectiveness of teams


Within a team you can learn faster and the one who learns fastest will succeed in the field. A customer relationship is a human relationship and a human relationship is always a learning relationship. With the support of Mimmutti coaching tools and services, team members and leaders will become masters of leading these relationships.

The Team Indicator Test – This is first step in our 3 step process and it will help the team to visualize and reflect upon their current performance. Through this activity we make the invisible, visible and provide tools to improve the team’s weaker areas. The test will give you the information you need in order to start the next step.

Building your vehicle – This is the second step in the process. Using the Learning Card© tool, the vehicle will ensure that you remember to take care of the core activities together with your teams. It also creates effective routines for communication, feedback, measuring performance and rewarding teams.

Deepen and Renew- Once the first two steps have been completed with Mimmutti, we ensure that you can manage on your own when facing future challenges when you need to re-organise the organisation. Mimmutti will do this by coaching team leaders and managers so that they continue to develop needed skills and competencies. These are not typical training programmes, you will be learning through application with your real-life challenges alongside your customers.

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