Coaching services to the sports sector, organizations and educational institutions. We can be your partner in helping you to build your optimal culture using our clear, simple and practical services and tools.

Teamwork is the key for success

We help you to develop high performing teams and co-creation environments where communication and collaboration grows. You will see that through our methods the team’s atmosphere and key performance indicators will improve.

For sports sector

For sports sector

The new ecosystem of sports

Mimmutti produces Play4Ever® ecosystems for sports clubs and sports academies. Our innovative concept prepares and enables athletes for their life after sports and we also strengthen clubs by creating value for their network of partners.

Services of Sports sector
For business organizations

For business organizations

Improving your business through our 3 step process

By using our Team Indicator test we can help you visualize your team’s collaboration level. Our simple tools help you to work together more effectively in a more meaningful and joyful way. You will notice your culture will start changing immediately on a day to day level. We will also develop the team’s skills and capabilities through coaching and build competencies with key team members to enable the team to continue to develop once we have gone.

Services for companies and
organizations Team
For educational institutions

For educational institutions

Supporting entrepreneurship

Building new environments to learn entrepreneurship will be crucial in the future because, for example in Finland, by 2030 it is predicted that 60% of the working population will be self-employed. The entrepreneurial mind-set is developed within a community and this process needs to be coached. We help you to build environments and programmes for these needs.

Services for educational institutions

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