World-class team coaching with Mimmutti

Pertti Pohjola, Manager at Vierumäki, Finnish Sports Institute

When coaching new leaders for the sports sector, Team Coaching is an effective method and Mimmutti’s unique know-how is used at Vierumäki year after year.

The Finnish Sports Institute has a leadership department where we educate the future leaders. Team Coaching and learning is a fundamental element of that process and we have been working with Mimmutti and Mikael Hirvi already for over 3 years.

“The idea of team coaching started in a meeting where we immediately bonded and shared our values. There are not many people who truly understand the team coaching methods, however, Mikael is certainly someone who does.” Says Pertti Pohjola.

“Mikael’s role in develop our team coaching processes have been huge. Our customers are satisfied which is the most important indicator of success. We will continue collaboration with Mimmutti and we have shared visions for the future!” Pertti finishes.

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