Using Team Coaching to improve working culture

Juha Junnikkala, Chairman of Junnikkala Ltd

Because of Team Coaching we can see the effect on our culture especially, in the attitudes and well-being of staff and managers.

Junnikkala Ltd is a Nordic Saw Mill company which is a family business with a 80 million euro turnover. A year ago, we realised the need for change because our working culture was in bad shape. The company decided to take a big step towards fixing this.

Instead of focussing on numbers, we wanted to focus on leading our people and improve our team work. That is why we started collaboration with Mimmutti and Mikael Hirvi. He had a lot of experiences of working with different sized organisations.” Explains Juha

Currently, Mikael coaches the extended management team. Managers have started to apply team learning methods to improve teamwork within their own departments. Some of the participants have started the process to become Team Coaches themselves which means that the change is happening on multiple levels.

After we started the coaching process, the culture has improved and we can see more open and honest dialogue within our organisation. In general, we work more together than alone and we have seen that work is now more fun whilst the results are improving.”

Personally, I have seen an impact on my own leadership and I have grown and changed a lot during the process. Currently, the work is more meaningful and my stress levels have dropped. In our forestry department, where it all started, we have received a lot of positive feedback that the staff wants us to carry on this path. The change takes time, but we are clearly going in the right direction!”

Mimmutti’s professionalism and way of working has gained many compliments from Junnikkala.

Adding to the strong experience, Mikael has a really good theoretical basis and tools that he can smoothly apply into practice. Work with him is understandable and easy. If needed he can also challenge us in a good way! We are planning to continue our collaboration by widening our development processes.” – Finishes Juha

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