Supporting professional athletes during their career

Pirkka Anttila, Manager of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association

The Finnish Ice Hockey Association has put effort into supporting their player’s development off ice at the Mestis level with Mimmutti and is implementing the Play4Career concept in 12 clubs. The players have joined the project enthusiastically and the clubs have also benefited.

The level of Finnish ice hockey is one of the best worldwide and in Finland there is a lot of professional ice hockey players. However, the fact is that not all of them earn enough from their ice hockey careers alone, especially the younger players. The players find that there is also not enough time to work or study alongside playing ice hockey. This was the problem that we wanted to solve when we launched our collaboration with Mikael Hirvi and Mimmutti, 2 years ago.

“As an ex-professional player Mikael knew the ice hockey world well and has had a long history as a Team Entrepreneurship Coach. We agreed to start using the Play4Career concept where we allow players to earn some money from projects while preparing for the life after professional ice hockey.” Says Pirkka Anttila.

“Athletes have created projects for both their clubs and their club’s business partners and have also been able to complete their studies whilst continuing to play ice hockey.”

“The level of interest from the players has been a really positive surprise and although some of the players have changed clubs, we are really happy with the amount of participants on the course.”

He ends by saying that “The collaboration with Mimmutti has been brilliant! The knowledge and competencies within the hockey industry I generally at a very high level. I believe there would be a lot of use for this in other sports.”

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