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Akatemia CIC, Alison Fletcher

Over the past six years, Mikael has been a much-valued partner in the work of Akatemia CIC in enabling the creation of Team Academy-inspired undergraduate degree programmes in English universities.  There are now five such degrees running in the UK, with three Masters’ programmes launched this year, and a secondary school group also piloting team learning as a way of encouraging entrepreneurship among pupils.  Mikael has been key to Akatemia’s ability to create a compelling offering for stakeholders in higher education and develop understanding of team entrepreneurship and team coaching.

At the start of the journey he led the International Team Mastery programme which introduced Akatemia directors Alison Fletcher and Robert Goodsell to Team Academy and team learning.  Based on this programme, he collaborated with Alison Fletcher to create a bespoke UK Team Mastery designed to enable academics in the English higher education system to develop team coaching skills and build degrees which would meet the requirements of the UK quality assurance system.  He has coached on every UK Team Mastery programme since 2012 and has also organised learning journeys and participated in strategy days which have helped to consolidate the UK’s position in the global Team Academy community.

“Without Mimmu’s support and wise counsel we could not have achieved our level of success in introducing Team Academy in the UK”, commented Alison Fletcher.  “His ability to understand our needs and to build a trusting, collaborative professional partnership is outstanding.”

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