Building a team organisation in Wartsila

Jukka Saaranen & Jarno Tunturi, Managers at Wartsila

Mikael Hirvi has been the senior coach in Wartsila’s change process to build a team organisation since 2005. Work started with the financial department and during this year the department grew from just handling European transactions to handling transactions across the globe and grew from 43 to 90 employees.

Collaboration with Wartsila service parts department started 10 years ago. We changed the structure of the department from a hierarchical structure to a team structure. Mikael was strongly involved, especially in the beginning to help us move in the right direction. Over the years his role has varied from being at the centre of the team in the beginning to becoming a supporter and coach to spar with now. Nowadays, we have coached our superiors to become team coaches so that team coaching and development through processes that Mikael has coached and designed carry on within the organisation.” Says Jukka Saaranen.

“The model we created in Finland has spread to European departments one by one and we are well on the way towards creating a supply chain that functions 24/7 which was our main goal in the beginning. Even though we have a lot of knowledge and competencies, it is still good to bring an external viewpoint and knowledge when working with new countries and departments. This is why we still work with Mimmutti, they are the natural partners for us. ” Explains Jarno Tunturi.

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