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Is your organisation ready for the future? We are team coaching and - entrepreneurship pioneers, let us be your partner for a better future.

Sports sector

Sports sector

The new ecosystem of sports

Mimmutti produces Play4Ever® ecosystems for sports clubs and sports academies. Our innovative concept prepares and enables athletes for their life after sports and we also strengthen clubs by creating value for their network of partners.

Services of sports sector
Business organizations

Business organizations

Developing and renewing your company

The goal of our team coaching is to help you to develop your business. Our 3 step process will help you to develop and renew a high performing team culture. Your team will feel the effects of the changes immediately and your customers will notice the difference.

Services for companies and
organizations Team
For educational institutions

For educational institutions

Creating learning through Team Entrepreneurship

Building new environments to learn entrepreneurship will be crucial in the future because, for example, in Finland by 2030 it is predicted that 60% of the working population will be self-employed. Entrepreneurship can be learnt many places and we can be your partners in the creation of environments and programmes that will support this.

Services for educational institutions

The Mimmutti team coaching process is a vehicle for you to make your dreams come true.

Mimmutti offers coaching services for communities, networks and teams. Whether it is creating new ecosystems in sports, developing teams in organisations or cultivating entrepreneurial culture education institutions, Mimmutti can help. We believe in true partnership and building strong customer relationships. We want to help our customers to create the future they want.

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